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Rent modern, powerful 4X4 vehicles for on-road use across the United Kingdom, with pick-up from hundreds of locations including major airports.

4X4 Hire

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4 wheel drive (4wd) vehicle hire

4X4 Hire is available at selected branches. The 4x4 vehicles available range from luxury 4x4 vehicles such as the Mercedes ML series or Range Rovers, through Volvo XC90s or Audi Allroad to smaller 4x4s such as the Kia Sorento. These vehicles have great specifications and have the added benefit of extra security and safety. 4x4's offer a commanding driving position and have great road holding capabilities. The rental companies do not allow you to drive the vehicles 'off road' but small road and farm tracks are allowed. In snowy and icy conditions they are capable of making journeys that rear wheeled cars would struggle to do. However the supply of 4x4 vehicle hire is limited so book early, especially in adverse weather conditions.


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Some cars for rent to young drivers from 21 years old +


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Drivers 23 years+, holding licence for 12 months+ rent vans


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With valid licence over 70s, 80s and even 90s can rent cars.