Cookies used on and their use

First of all the word "device" relates to the device you are using at the time to access this web site, for example PC, Tablet, Mobile Phone etc.

When you arrive at 1 cookie is set, it is essential to the car rental booking engine on the site, this is a session cookie (PHPFrontend) and it is a non persistent cookie. The purpose of this cookie is to identify your computer as an entity on the system which then allows the system to work with your device. If cookies are not enabled on your device you will not be able to use this web site. This a temporary cookie that is deleted from your computer when you close your web browser.

When you click on the button shown below after completing the first page of the car rental booking engine the cookie is set, this is named PHPFrontend. This cookie has been set because as a result of clicking the button shown below, your connection with this web site has become "secure", this is so that your private information remains private throughout the process.

Here at we do not collect personally identifiable information about you except for the information that you enter when completing an enquiry form. This information is submitted by you and is not collected covertly by use of cookies. If you click on either of the images shown below cookies will be set by either Facebook of Twitter, these are external cookies that we have no control over.

You can control cookies set on your device through your browser settings, please refer to the �help� button on your web browser to learn how to do this.