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Minibuses are available for hire as either 15 or 17 seat vehicles, including the driver. Minibuses are ideal for transporting, groups or teams and are good value per head. They normally have two seats on one side of an aisle and a single row on the other side. There is a little bit of space behind the rear seats where you can put some luggage, but passengers can normally find space to put their bags or kit. Minibuses are normally converted from Long Wheel Based vans, so they are different to driving a normal car. They are longer, higher and wider and these factors must be taken into account when driving one. Parking can be challenging unless the space is big enough! The rules about your eligibility to drive a minibus sometimes seem like a grey area, but Car hire companies are quite categoric to ensure that the Insurance requirements are met: The Driver must hold a UK licence with a category D1 entitlement. Drivers who passed their car test before 01/01/1997 will normally have D1 on their licence. Drivers who passed since then will not unless they have taken a separate test. Overseas visitors may have the equivalent entitlement at home, but they will not be eligible to drive a Minibus in the UK without a UK licence.

Most branches do not have them in stock so a request has to be made and they will source one for your booking. Sometimes it is not possible for a branch to find a minibus for a last minute booking, so it always advisable to book in advance. One way Minibus hire is not normally permitted, some companies allow 9 seat vehicles on one way journeys, but most allow 7 seat vehicles, so two 7 seat vehicles maybe a good alternative to a minibus.

Minibuses are only available from a few Airport locations, but are available from most other city and town branches. Most branches close at lunchtime on Saturdays, so if you are looking for a weekend hire, the vehicle may have to be returned on Monday morning. If the branch is open or allows 'out of hours' return our online booking engine will reflect this.

Extra drivers are allowed for minibus hires, but the extra driver must also have a category D1 licence. The insurance excess for a minibus is higher than that for a car, but you can buy extra insurance to reduce this liability. Unfortunately none of our suppliers allow minibuses to be taken overseas. There are special rules regarding hours, tachographs and permits which make it unfeasible to arrange overseas hires.


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