Door saloon or hatchback hire cars

Intermediate hire cars

Car rental group: IDMR. Intermediate hire car, 4/5 Door saloon or hatchback, Manual, Unspecified fuel.
Intermediate family hire car with seating for four or five and either a saloon or hatchback. They have either a petrol or diesel engine with adequate power to make driving easy. These hire cars have a good level of equipment. Easily available at all car hire locations including Airport car hire branches. Can be used for one way car hire. Intermediate hire cars are usually similar in size to a Ford Mondeo, VW Jetta or Toyota Avensis

Standard hire car - manual

Car rental group: SDMR. Standard size, 4 or 5 door, Manual, Unspecified fuel.
Family friendly saloon or hatchback hire cars with plenty of passenger room and boot space. The ideal rental vehicle for longer journeys. Available for hire from city branches and for hire from airports. Hire cars in this category include vehicles similar to VW Passat.

Standard hire car - automatic

Car rental group: SDAR. Standard size, 4 or 5 door, Automatic transmission, Unspecified fuel.
Saloon or hatchback family friendly hire cars that have lots of passenger space and room in the boot for baggage. Standard size automatic rental cars are relaxing to drive on longer journeys as they are comfortable and have the automatic makes driving easier, especially if you are used to driving this type of transmission. Overseas visitors might normally drive left hand drive vehicles and so driving a right hand drive stick shift rental car maybe challenging! You can do one way hires with these rental cars. Typically a standard size hire car would be similar in size to a VW Passat or Vauxhall Insignia