Manual estate cars/stationwagons

5 Door saloon or hatchback

Car rental group: CWMN. Compact hire car, 5 door wagon, Manual, unspecified fuel - compact estate car/stationwagon.
A good sized rental cars with enough room for four people with the added benefit of extra boot space. Rear seats can also be folded down to make a two seat car with lots of baggage space. Sometimes used instead of renting a van, but often used by customers who rent a car to go to one way to an Airport. Once their holiday is over they rent a car at the airport for a one way car hire.

Intermediate sized estate car/station wagon - manual

Car rental group: IVMN. Intermediate, Estate car, manual, unspecified fuel.
Intermediate sized estate car, or station wagon. Enough space for 4 or 5 adults with the added benefit of extra boot space, meaning an intermediate estate rental car is ideal if you have luggage or are on holiday. One way car hire is available to or from an Airport branch, so you can hire a car from near your home, drive it to your departure airport and leave it without having to pay airport parking fees. On your return you can rent a car from the airport and do a one way journey back to the rental branch. Rental cars in this category would be hire cars such as VW Golf, Peugeot 508 SW